Composite Fillings and Bonding


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Composite Fillings and Bonding

Cavities and minor fractures can progress over time if they’re not repaired.  In the past, metal restorations left many teeth discolored and strained even though they worked well. Today, tooth-colored composites blend into the tooth structure and discretely restore defects. Composites can also be placed in thinner layers than metals to preserve more of the natural tooth. This material also allows conservative lengthening, widening, or reshaping for better smiles.

Composites serve both functional and esthetic roles often simultaneously. For example, a cavity near the gum line may be visible in your smile. The bacterial decay stops destroying healthy mineral surfaces once it’s carefully cleaned out. And the tooth looks natural when a tooth-colored composite is shaped and polished over the defect.

Composites are a blend of liquid resin embedded with finely ground glass particles. We condition the tooth surface, mold the composite into place, and apply a blue light to the composite for a firm set within seconds. Shaped and polished, the high shine reflects the beauty of natural enamel and lasts for years.