Full/Partial Dentures


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Full/Partial Dentures

Dentures give us an affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth with one appliance. They boast a long history of success and can be considered to rebuild your smile.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Complete dentures provide value if you’re missing all of your natural teeth, while partial dentures replace a few missing teeth to eliminate gaps and improve chewing. Denture treatment is personalized for each patient, and we can help you choose an option that works best for you.

Full Dentures

Some dental conditions, such as tooth decay or gum disease, can produce irreversible damage. If removing your remaining teeth on one or both jaws is the best option, complete dentures are economical and efficient to restore your chewing and smile.

A complete denture includes a thin gum-colored acrylic base that rests on the gum tissue. Porcelain or acrylic replacement teeth built into the base provide a natural appearance. We know that your smile is unique, and we help you select teeth that appear natural for your facial appearance. This approach customizes your smile to fit your goals.

Dentures boast a long history of successful use, but modern technology presents more options to enhance the way they fit and the way you look. We can secure dentures firmly to your jaw with dental implants in many cases. These components are placed in the jaw and connect to the denture base. Implants allow permanent fixation of the denture or removable designs for daily cleaning. In addition to solid retention and a natural look, implant-supported dentures often last longer. We can discuss these options and help you understand how to improve your experience with dentures.

Partial Dentures

Whether you’ve lost one tooth or several, chewing and smiling is often more difficult with gaps in your smile. Partial dentures present an economical solution that replaces missing teeth and fills spaces, improves chewing ability, and boosts smiling confidence. A partial denture also helps keep natural teeth from shifting and lowers the risk of future tooth loss.

Most partial dentures include a thin metal framework designed to rest against your gums with a smooth, streamlined feel. Natural teeth support the framework and offer a robust and secure appliance that’s easy to use. Natural-looking replacement teeth are attached to the frame, and gum-colored acrylic help an appliance blend with your mouth. Your mouth and goals are unique, and we work with skilled technicians to design an appliance that fits you.

Advances in technology have made implants an excellent way to support removable partial dentures and improve the fit. Dentures present a few challenges, especially to new wearers. We’re experienced in reducing common frustrations and producing excellent results.

We look forward to discussing the options to bring back a confident, comfortable smile!