When you drive across a bridge over water, you’re supported by the same mechanics that hold a dental bridge. A bridge needs solid support on each end to withstand constant forces. Teeth on either side of a space support a replacement tooth engineered from durable, securely bonded materials. A bridge often serves for many years, but the load-bearing teeth can weaken after thousands of chewing cycles. In some cases, this wear leads to more missing teeth.

A Better Bridge

In many cases, adding dental implants creates a more substantial alternative and eliminates stress from chewing. When carefully placed in the bone of empty spaces, they mimic the roots of teeth. They bear the natural teeth’ load to hold and spare the neighboring teeth from excessive forces. In some cases, two implants may be used to build a bridge spanning two solid titanium pieces.

Although the planning becomes more complicated with larger spaces, we bring the pieces together to handle any scenario. Regardless of your needs, the steps are similar to create a beautiful, functional smile.